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Learning the Lingo

  Slang is a language that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands and goes to work. ~Carl Sandburg     From the earliest of times, military units have put together “invasion dictionaries” for the purpose of establishing communications with those they hoped to dominate. Way back when Caesar was stomping everyone into the […]

F Troop and The Blackbird

                                   A Magnificent Aircraft   The SR-71, is indeed a marvel of modern technology. Although in fact…. not that modern. Known as “The Blackbird”, the SR-71 was first brought into service fifty-seven years ago.     A high-tech, high-performance reconnaissance aircraft, the titanium sheathed Blackbird could obtain speeds of 2,200 mph and fly […]

William E

  Money is the best deodorant. ~Elizabeth Taylor       One of the many interesting people I’ve become acquainted with during my many trips around the sun, was “William E”. (We shall leave out his full name for the sake of confidentiality)     William E and I were stationed together at Grand Forks […]