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There’s never been a noble war except in the history books and propaganda movies. It’s a bloody, dirty, cruel, costly mistake in almost every case, as it was in this war that would end so badly. But the young soldiers can be and often are noble, selfless, and honorable. They don’t fight for a flag or a president or mom and apple pie. When it comes down to it they fight and die for each other, and that is reason enough for them, and for me.

―Lieutenant General Harold G. Moore, We Are Soldiers Still: A Journey Back to the Battlefields of Vietnam (Photo Stars and Stripes)



General Hal Moore was perhaps the most respected American military officer of the Vietnam War. (Then Colonel) Moore was a dedicated and intelligent warrior, yet compassionate and inspiring.  My connection to General Moore was through his friend and collaborator Joe Galloway, the famous war correspondent of the Vietnam War. Both General Moore and Joe Galloway contributed excerpts to my book “On War, Fishing and Philosophy”. We lost two great warriors upon their passing.

~Joe Campolo Jr


Their first book, and then movie:

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  1. Greetings Joe Campolo Jr.

    I was interested in your article on Lt. General Hal Moore,

    What got me to write you was when I read “ABOUT THE AUTHOR” : an award winning writer, poet, public speaker and mostly to me was the fact you are a War Veteran.

    I grew up with with knowing my fathers Green Beret history and thus my life grew in awe of these warriors and all soldiers. I my self enjoy poems and songs and the idea of story tellers.

    Recently I decided to make a tribute to my Pappy in the form of a poem/song/story ..
    After having only family hear it…the response should let others hear it. We as you know when things go public its either the love you or hate you…I took a chance and posted it on YouTube.

    I hope you enjoy and for your service in the military…I say “I stand taller and resect more the world around me for the efforts the soldiers gave!” Thank you!

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