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Contributing Factors to the War in Vietnam

  The French “tricolor” flew over Vietnam for many years   When the French colonized Vietnam in the eighteen hundreds, they created discord that would trouble the small nation into the nineteen hundreds and beyond. This discord created divisiveness in several interrelated areas, or factors. Those being: *Economic *Religious *Social *Ethnic *Nationalism *Political And all […]


  This past week the Commemorative Air Force Air Power History tour exhibited at the airport in our fine town of Kenosha, Wisconsin. They brought a B-24 Liberator, a bi-plane, a T-6 trainer, and the star of the show; Fifi, a B-29 Superfortress.   The B-29 has a prominent role in my book Three Wars, […]

Guest Writer – Rhonda Underhill; Tips for Disabled Veterans Running for Office

  Today’s guest article is provided by Rhonda Underhill. Rhonda is a health care advocate for senior citizens and Veterans.   After a health crisis involving her husband Pete, Rhonda and Pete dedicated themselves to healthy living through diet, exercise and awareness. Rhonda created a website dedicated to the health and well being of […]

Portuguese Dave

  Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead Walk beside me… and be my friend ― Albert Camus       My friend Dave and I arrived at March Air Force Base in Southern California at about the same time, both having just returned […]