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A life of travel and adventure has stirred Joe’s thought












(My blathering pays the bills)



And I ain’t taking this stuff to the grave 🙂





*Now in my senior years, I occasionally experience an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia, for some event, or time in my past. It often involves special times shared with my family, when our children were young. The memories are centered around outdoor activities, reaching back to the many vacations we spent in Northern Wisconsin at some beautiful lake or wilderness area. The feeling is intense and saddening when it passes.




*If you pay attention to the pious ones, you will soon discover the limits of religious charity and good will.





*Wars are started by the powerful and arrogant, fought by the strong and stalwart, suffered by the many.





*Truth and beauty are uncovered by all of us, as we travel through life. Beauty is the easy one to find; and with pleasure no less. Beautiful discoveries flow along with us, coming and going, changing on occasion, providing enjoyment in both the finding and the holding.

Truth, on the other hand, must be ferreted out, verified, and held close like a dagger. Not always pleasant to find or to hold, but unalterable, unvarying and unmovable.







*A half truth creates more damage than a total lie.





*I write for myself; though I am most happy when others find pleasure in it.





* Be most wary, whenever the gun is pointed; for

invariably it will be pointed at you.





* The one sure thing extraterrestrials will provide,

is someone else for humans to pick a fight with.






* I am very sensitive to pain, except that which I have created.




* The term terrible human being, lousy human being, despicable human being are redundant; the adjectives being unnecessary.







* The carnage in Ukraine is most disturbing to those who have witnessed war. They recognize the two most destructive forces on earth; fear and hate.







* The problem with putting someone up on a pedestal, is you have to keep taking them down, then putting them back up…depending on how often they exhibit human nature. ?





* Whenever I see a Silver Alert I ponder, #1; How many people believe I should be included in that category, and #2; Would there be much of a reward for finding me.






* Animals with horns fight with horns because that is their most potent weapon and they have mastered it. Predators fight with tooth and claw because that is their most potent weapon and they have mastered that. Humans fight with all manner of weapons, because although they have the largest brain of any species..they haven’t mastered it.






* By their actions the perpetrators of war have identified themselves as criminals; the term “war crime” being a redundancy.





We know who you are












* I don’t know if there’s a heaven or hell, but if there is, I know one guy that’s gonna roast on “High” for a long time.














* When we are young we pretend to be old, when we are old we pretend to be young.







* The worst of life is so bad, we are only able to tolerate it because the best of life is so good.








* As old age creeps in,

my failing ears crave beautiful music,

my declining eyes crave dazzling scenery,

and my addled mind craves the elegant words,

to explain it all.







* Using a Planner is a good way to organize our busy lives, and it gives us the illusion that we are in control.














* The person who commits a regrettable act, usually regrets it far longer than anyone else.














* We all have several happy places; visit yours as often as you can.










One need not visit the Louvre to find beauty. A step off our porch reveals the crimson shade of an autumn leaf, or the dazzling brilliance of a butterfly.


Photo by Joe’s friend Pat McGrath-Avery










I don’t dream as often as I once did. Perhaps in age, there are few things left to inspire my slumber. Recently I dreamed of lions hunting in the night. The memory of the lions was vivid in the fear they instilled on that which they hunted.




















* Based upon postings and comments in social media, literacy isn’t all we had hoped it would be.














Every twenty years or so, we forget the horrors of our previous wars, and get tangled up in a new one. Eventually, the carnage and debris shake us out of our stupor and we slowly, painfully extricate ourselves. Until the next one..










If the size of your flag determines your standing as a patriot, a local used car dealer, along with the nationwide Camping World chain,  are numbers one and two respectively.














A woman who is afraid of a mouse, will park on the shoulder of a busy highway and bolt through two lanes of traffic both ways…to snag a secondhand summer purse and another chicken knickknack at a yard sale.










There’s a certain subset of late who are constantly beating on those who advocate increasing the minimum wage. They lecture incessantly, creating memes, jokes and poorly crafted anecdotes, shaming those who advocate increasing the minimum wage, or providing the less fortunate with any type of aid at all.

In the past several years, huge tax breaks have been given to the upper crust of our society. Many of those who received these tax breaks already cheat the government out of billions, via offshore accounts and other financial manipulations.

Yet not a peep out of the stalwart citizens who chastise the minimum wage increase advocates, These people are not tools, they are the whole tool kit.





The deterioration of my hearing has embarrassed, confounded and humbled me. I cannot hear, or understand people speaking, in any clear fashion. My hearing aids amplify noise, but barely improve my ability to understand the spoken word. Regretfully, in the past, I showed little empathy with the hearing impaired.







* A bald man purchasing shampoo is an example of long term memory over short term memory.




* I learn something every day, but it’s usually by accident.




* I’ve led an exciting life, on occasion, too exciting. Is it fate….or does my propensity for carelessness lend a factor? Or do I even want to know.






If your knowledge of history is derived from statues and monuments, you may not qualify for the title of “Professor” just yet.










In the old man’s dreams, the young man has returned.












* It is expensive to love someone, but you can hate someone for free.





* To some, a nightmare is a terror…to others an adventure. If you travel down that road, why not enjoy the ride.




* The old man who wishes for more of what’s behind him, has proven his senility.






* The internet is a great source of information. For example, I’ve learned that all the climatologists among us are also epidemiologists, legal scholars and political affairs experts.





* Give them something to love, something to hate or both.






Upon being surprised by a predator in the wild, your memory is seared for eternity.









If you never jump the fence, you will only understand your half of the pasture.











Why take the high road, the low road is easier and you’ll have some esteemed company.











In war, everybody loses. Participants sacrifice their lives, limbs and sanity, perpetrators their morality.












I dislike all of these exposes, investigative reports and heavily researched articles on our heroes from the past.

We are learning they were, on occasion, ignorant, insensitive and even flawed…just like us.








Nobody thinks it can happen here….until it happens here.










Most of the real monsters in history started out as bullies. They became monsters when they found out they could get away with being bullies.









Someone noted that I’m a bit of a cynic, whereby I noted that, yes, I am quite sane.










Are we virtuous because it’s the right thing to do…or is it fear of divine punishment that guides our moral compass?











I’ve enjoyed many things in life, I’ve celebrated much, I’ve witnessed a great deal, I’ve had a full share.

Yet on a beautiful day, with the sun in the sky, the clouds billowing high, a gentle breeze passing by, I dream of catching just one more fish, taking another warm swim, watching the sun set once more, and seeing another smile on the face of my grandchildren.





* The people of China and Russia are subdued, as a result of centuries of servitude, war and other tragedies. Americans….Americans are new at it, they complain and resist. May they be forever young.




* The person who lies to themself may be the worst liar of them all. For both the liar and the person being lied to, are aware of the truth.



* I was never smart enough to be a crook or a politician. Forgive me if I’ve repeated myself.




* Insomnia may be the worst affliction of them all. Up and down, throughout the night, you face your demons over and over. You maintain a watchful eye on the window, waiting for the dawn to dissipate your torments.





You can give the bear your apple, but he’s still gonna want your sandwich.









When people hear I volunteered to go to Vietnam, they mistakenly believe I was brave. As I soon discovered, I was stupid.










The mosaic of our life starts before we are even born, with some pieces already in place, hard wired genetically. Parents, guardians, teachers and mentors plant others as we grow. Upon adulthood we assume full responsibility for our mosaic and place, plant and move pieces as we travel along through the web of life. By the time our end is near, the mosaic is almost complete, a design unique to each individual who has ever occupied our planet. And though we will pass, the mosaic of our life will influence others, who are left to complete their own mosaic, as they travel along on life’s journey.






Always overstate the strength of your enemy, if you win you will be a hero, if you lose, a martyr.









My mind is always writing. At times, I get it on paper.









Drawing by Catherine Ryan


Though the child is bitten by a mosquito, the parent feels the sting of a bee.









Staring into the abyss, holds little trepidation for those who live there.







Truth is no longer the fulcrum of our existence. We determine what we wish to believe, move into that camp and defend it at all costs.







Little Greta Thunberg, climate change activist

You can tell how powerful someone is by the amount of hate they generate.












The scent of a skunk is most readily detected by another skunk.







Discard your age, your station, or any other limits you may have assigned yourself…….do what you wish without preconditions…..and you will be fulfilled.




In each of us there lies a hero, and in each of us there lies a coward. Which ever one we see depends upon a myriad of circumstance.







In Vietnam, you could really “let out the badger”.

…..Getting him back in was the trick.






One only need glance at Dante’s Inferno to glimpse what a disease, such as malaria, can do.

(Dante suffered with it most of his life)








We are each given an infinitesimal chance at the universe; what will we do with that chance?







Our anger often surpasses the level of our intelligence.







Crime and punishment is a real dilemma for our “civilized society”. Just what to do with those real bad guys.










People can change……people can also change back.











If the ignorance of some people could be harnessed as an energy source, the sun would pale in comparison.







Fear of humiliation is the only thing standing between man and total bedlam.







Maimed for the value of it’s horn

If man is the most intelligent species, he has yet to prove it.







My best friend Jim, (RIP) and his wife Tess. Both excellent educators.

Good teachers impart knowledge, great teachers inspire us to seek knowledge.







Is it I that you fear, or that which I’ve stirred in your head?










To those among us who reject science and rail at folks in that endeavor, just remember it was the scientist who developed the process to extract the energy you consume in your trailer, and it was the scientist who mastered the art of metallurgy used throughout your pick-up truck, and it was the scientist who developed the process to preserve all that food at the Golden Corral.




Those who desperately seek power, are the bane of mankind.







If you find yourself engulfed in darkness, you learn Braille.









My ability to tolerate fools seems to have diminished along with my hearing.








When it comes to money, trust no one but your dog… and then sleep with one eye open.







If I’ve not reacted to any offense of note…..don’t let your guard down just yet.








I don’t believe I’ve ever regretted any acts of kindness I may have committed. No doubt could have and should have done a few more.











The best years of our lives come and go without our even realizing it. At the time, we think those days will never end, they slip away little by little, and we hardly take notice. When reality sets in and we realize those days will not return, the disappointment is stunning and almost unbearable.




VA health care is like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.







In some instances deafness is an advantage, blindness is a blessing, and death is a mercy.







(I got this one)

If it was easy, everyone would do it.








I get now, why old folks are sometimes cranky. They are aware there is much left to be done….though there’s probably not enough sand left in the glass.








Weak minded people gravitate towards despots, like moths to a flame.








Dishonesty in discord is a form of surrender.





If you don’t share this you’re a heartless servant of the devil!


Like many others today I use and follow Facebook. I use it to follow the activities of family and friends, and also to promote my writing. When I first joined FB several years ago, it was dominated by young people posting about their dating and sporting activities. After us “geezers” discovered FB it soon became festooned with recipe exchanges and medical issues.

The past two or three years has seen FB become politically polarized. It seems that many people on both sides of the spectrum feel that their political beliefs are the only ones of any value and this belief allows them to plaster my FB page with copy and paste memes, political insults, and in many cases “fake news”.

I don’t really mind someone posting their political point of view if it is original, well thought out and vetted for facts. But I very much mind the many that are none of the above. I find the whole thing irritating and discouraging; as I’m sure many others do.

If you read and follow this blog, please keep in mind that while some forums are appropriate for political ranting, others are not. DON’T KILL FACEBOOK WITH POLITICAL RANTS, hey?!




Some of my best stories will not appear on my blog.







medium chunk….right?

I don’t need a big chunk of money to make me happy…… a medium chunk would do.






I’ve always enjoyed listening to the Dalai Lama, Mr. Rogers, Dr. Phil and people like that. I admire their gentle and accepting nature. I often think…..Now why can’t I be like that?… .But alas……I cannot…I’ll keep working at it though.





After every tragedy we are implored to get religion into our lives; then scolded for worshiping false Gods…..I wish they would make up their minds.






Through our parents we look behind us; through our children we look ahead.







The painter gives it vision, the musician gives it voice, the writer gives it meaning.











Back in the early days of science fiction, humans in the 21st century were depicted as being immensely intelligent, tolerant and peace loving.

I believe a new timetable is in order.






Like blowing sand in the desert, our experiences gather in ever growing hills cast over our lifetime.







Based upon every living creature we know of past or present, (especially humans) any aliens who decide to visit our planet, probably aren’t coming to enjoy the holidays with us.






Being a Writer is like being a Farmer; you keep at it till the money’s all gone.







PTSD and Agent Orange are the uninvited guests that followed us home.







You can learn quite a bit about a person by observing how they treat people they don’t have to be nice to.







Sharing a popular opinion may bring us satisfaction, however it may not always bring us truth.







There is no stronger advocate for Democracy than a nation that has been under Communist, Fascist, Nazi or Monarch rule for any length of time. However that democracy must be nurtured,  protected, watched over and scrutinized…..lest the scoundrels have their way.





They were driven off of their land and laid waste with pestilence; after which they were taught religion….. so they could save themselves.







If you walked a mile in these, you would have seen enough….








My Mom and Dad supported their children in every way.

My Mom was great; she always had my back. She was a voracious reader and encouraged me to write. In my mind, she’s still looking over my shoulder covering me. Mom’s do that, even when they are gone.








I used to be a young man but forsook my youth for age and wisdom…..thus far I have succeeded in getting old.







I speak through the river, I see through the sky, I hear through the wind.





The American mid-west has some of the most fertile farmland in the world. It is being paved over with concrete and asphalt at an alarming rate. Giant warehouses are popping up like mushrooms along every interstate. Ironically, these giant warehouses are used to store products imported from third world countries; who import farm goods from the U.S.





Metaphorically speaking, I’m not going to get into the ring with Hemingway.




My greatest fear is that we have yet to see the worst of man.







U.S. Marine stands with Vietnamese children as they watch their house burn after an Allied patrol set it ablaze after finding communist AK-47 ammunition, Jan. 13, 1971. Patrol made up of U.S. Marines and South Vietnamese popular forces searched the village, 25 miles south of Da Nang. (AP Photo) Joe’s note: Winning the hearts and minds? In my opinion this practice was one reason the war went bad. I never understood the logic behind this type of activity.



The end of one war sows the seeds of another.









I’ve always been appreciative of where I’ve been, though I may have no wish to repeat the visit.










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