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A Thanksgiving Surprise

    While chatting with my daughter JoAnn about Thanksgivings of days gone by, I recalled a Thanksgiving disaster I myself created many years ago. (What a surprise 🙂 )   I was still in high school, working part time at Graf’s Sausage Kitchen, a small deli and catering business on the south side of […]

Suitcase Sam

    Fun times in LA!   Southern California in the early 1970’s was a great place to be. Although the hippie era was coming to an end, there was still enough “peace, love and rock n roll” to go around. After having spent one year in North Dakota and one year in Vietnam, I […]

My Little Chickadee

    The patio attached to our condo has at least five bird houses. A few fancy ones, one I made with the help of my grandchildren, and an A frame bird house that’s been around the longest. And despite the availability of all the other fine dwellings, there’s a pitched battle for the A […]

Guest Writers – Lake-Link Pro’s; Father’s Day Stories

                                      Introduction   I’m a member of an outdoor website called Lake-Link. Lake-Link features reports, articles, forums and advertisement for outdoor activities throughout the Midwest, although the majority of the activity is in Wisconsin, where Lake-Link is headquartered.   It’s a nice site, easy to navigate, with most of the site features free to the […]

Viva Las Vegas!

      Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks. It says “Goodbye”. ∼Frank Sinatra         I have an acquaintance who recently visited Las Vegas. He had an enjoyable time there and made out all right. His trip got me thinking about the many times I traveled […]

Meals on Wheels and the Two Bills

  Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age. ∼Booth Tarkington                                          A Welcome Service   For about five years I delivered meals to senior citizens and disabled people as part of the “Meals on Wheels” program in our town of Kenosha, Wisconsin. The program, administered by […]

Memories with Ann

  “Oh Annie, Dream Boat Annie, ship of dreams, Oh Annie, Dream Boat Annie, little ship of dreams.” ∼Heart                                                   ***     During the two weeks Ann was hospitalized before she passed, she wasn’t always able to communicate, but during those times that she was, we reconnected to some of […]


  What we learn with pleasure, we never forget. ∼Alfred Mercier                                                ***     I somehow managed to snag two higher education degrees in my day, one in engineering and the other in business, and with them I made my living. Having those two disciplines served me well throughout my career; not bad for […]