Future Articles…

Many readers have submitted suggestions regarding future blog articles.

There is a lot of good reading on the subject.

One suggestion several have made is my recommended readings on the Vietnam War. Another is a compilation of my favorite photographs from the war. And still others have requested a compilation of my favorite fishing trips.


At some point in the future I will post a blog on my recommended readings. The photos may be difficult as I would need to get permission to use the photo from each photographer involved.


Within the next several weeks I will publish an article which will consist of memoirs from various individuals who lived through the Vietnam War. The memoirs will be from war veterans like myself, reporters, and civilians alike.

I’m hoping to get some input from Vietnamese from both sides of the war, and am pursuing several who I’m hoping will be willing to contribute.

If any of my readers wish to contribute, please send me a message through this blog or through my contact page on this website.


(And there will be more fishing stories down the line as well!)

If I’m not writing I’m usually fishing.


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