Month: November 2019

Book Orders

  For those who have asked where my books can be purchased, in addition to this website, my books can be purchased through many on-line sources. *Amazon is the number one carrier now, and ships all over the world. Paperback or Kindle. *Barnes & Noble on-line also carries my books. *Walmart on-line carries my books. […]

Mao & Me

                                  Friction in Hong Kong   With much interest, I have been following the riots and protests currently ravaging Hong Kong. Ever since the transition from British oversite to Communist Chinese control in 1997, one could sense the on- going tension between Hong Kong, long a bastion of capitalism and the free market, and […]

The Veteran’s Road

Kind of threw this one together for Veteran’s Day, 2019. I call it The Veteran’s Road.     We sleep in bits and pieces, and dream of days gone by. Our dreams are of our days at war, which always seem close by.   Our soul won’t let them go it seems, the dreams we […]