New Book Release Coming Soon: On War, Fishing & Philosophy


In the next month or two I’ll have another book out titled On War, Fishing & Philosophy. In another collaborative effort with Red Engine Press, we’ve put together what we consider to be a “cocktail table book.”


The book contains some of my most popular blog articles, including many relating to war and the military, along with many of my outdoor stories as well. Some of the stories are sobering, while others are lighthearted. All of the stories are accompanied with many interesting photos. The book will be offered in both hard cover and soft cover.


Some of the stories include excerpts from friends and acquaintances. There is also a section of stories from some of my guest writers, which many have enjoyed.



The book is interspersed with quips and quotes of mine, as well as quips and quotes from others. The book winds down with a collection of those quotes as well. Artwork for the book has been provided by artist Trieu Hai Hoang. You may view some of Trieu’s work on this website, in the section Artwork of the Vietnam War. When the artwork for On War, Fishing & Philosophy is complete, we will post it on this website and Facebook.






On War, Fishing and Philosophy has received some great endorsements, which are included with this notification. (See below) We believe the book will be well received by all.


When Covid restrictions are lifted, we anticipate some in-person book signing events. We may hold a Zoom launch for the book as well, information and updates will be posted on my website and Facebook.  As with my other books, it will be available on Amazon and many other on-line book websites, and through my website.


Thanks to all who support my writing.  





Joe Campolo Jr has compiled a wonderful collection of his words and thoughts in this collection called On War, Fishing & Philosophy. Already a fine novelist, Joe’s observations and anecdotes cover a wide range of subjects, from war to fishing in Wisconsin lakes. It is a fun read.

~Tom Keating, Author, Yesterday’s Soldier


I enjoyed all of the articles, and bits of thought in On War, Fishing & Philosophy. Joe writes about serving in the Vietnam War, his articles are very interesting, yet not bitter. Joe also covers other life events, where he shares more philosophy, and a good bit of humor. I thank Joe for this book.

~Rick Wehler, Author of the Minne-Sconsin book series


Joe’s latest book features a nice bunch of stories that we can all relate to. I very much enjoyed reading On War, Fishing & Philosophy as it brought back many memories for me.

~Peter Beining, USAF Vietnam War Veteran



I really enjoyed On War, Fishing & Philosophy, a book of short stories and philosophical thought by Joe Campolo Jr. It is icing on the cake for The Kansas NCO trilogy. Entertaining, insightful and a fun read!

  ~Ted Kmiec, Partner at Kmiec and Noonan, LLC




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Joe Campolo Jr.

Joe Campolo, Jr. is an award winning author, poet and public speaker. A Vietnam War Veteran, Joe writes and speaks about the war and many other topics. See the "Author Page" of this website for more information on Joe. Guest writers on Joe's blogs will have a short bio with each article. Select blogs by category and enjoy the many other articles available here. Joe's popular books are available thru Amazon, this website, and many other on-line book stores.

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