Zoom! – (published in Happenings Magazine Smart Reader 5/19/2022)


Bright and attentive, as always!


With covid and all, most of us have been included in many Zoom meetings by now. I have, and really appreciate the benefit of being able to attend a meeting in my underwear, while sipping beer from my coffee mug.


Being deaf as a rock, I struggle to hear the discussions, but that’s ok, I can still benefit from the “visual contact”. And of course, as always, I daydream during the course of the meeting, especially if the topic is not near and dear to me.


Seeing all the other attendees on my computer screen, my thoughts wander:


*Damn, why would anyone paint their walls that color?


*Is that a picture of his wife, or his mother? Yikes!


*I bet she’s drinking straight Bourbon out of that cup.


*Look at that dinky trout, I wouldn’t have the guts to put that on my wall.


*What an outfit, he must think he’s at Walmart.


*What the hell does she keep looking at, I bet she texts through the whole meeting again.



So yeah, I’m a dedicated Zoomie, and get a real boost from my participation. And no doubt, all the other Zoomies love seeing me as well.  🙂




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