The Veteran’s Road

Kind of threw this one together for Veteran’s Day, 2019. I call it The Veteran’s Road.



We sleep in bits and pieces,

and dream of days gone by.

Our dreams are of our days at war,

which always seem close by.


Our soul won’t let them go it seems,

the dreams we can’t control.


In hours that pass in between,

we live as others do.

With time that’s mostly occupied,

with things we all go through.


We tend the garden we’ve been given

 with family and life.

We celebrate children and grandchildren,

and possibly a spouse.


We aspire to be a person of worth,

To have a heart that’s pure.

Our desire is to do our best,

how we’ve done we’re not quite sure.


We note the passing seasons

as they move through our domain.

We try to keep a steady hand,

and strive to not complain.

But when that hour comes,

to submit to the night,

We lay our head and yield,

to the on-going fight.






You are welcome to share this poem, crediting Joe as the creator. Copyright protected, all rights reserved, © Joe Campolo Jr

About the Author

Joe Campolo Jr.

Joe Campolo, Jr. is an award winning author, poet and public speaker. A Vietnam War Veteran, Joe writes and speaks about the war and many other topics. See the "Author Page" of this website for more information on Joe. Guest writers on Joe's blogs will have a short bio with each article. Select blogs by category and enjoy the many other articles available here. Joe's popular books are available thru Amazon, this website, and many other on-line book stores.


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