Visits to Joe’s Website; by Country

This table reflects Joe’s website visitors by country; from highest to lowest. The United States, quite naturally is 1st, currently providing about 90% of Joe’s visitors. China, at second, provides about 10% of the visitors to Joe’s website. The current trend shows countries outside of the United States picking up a greater % of the website visitors. At the current rate, for example, China will probably provide 25% of the visitors within the next year.  Traffic on Joe’s website has increased rapidly with each passing month. Thanks to all who visit Joe’s website!

**The number of website visits from 2014 to the middle of 2017 was one million; the number of website visits from the middle of 2017 to Feb 2018 is almost nine hundred thousand. Surpassed 2 million visits March 13, 2018.


1 United States
2 China
3 Ukraine
4 Israel
5 France
6 Russian Federation
7 Germany
8 Netherlands
9 Sweden
10 Canada
11 Poland
12 United Kingdom
13 India
14 Korea (the Republic of)
15 Australia
16 Singapore
17 Lithuania
18 Thailand
19 Japan
20 Unknown
21 Hong Kong
22 Ireland
23 Brazil
24 Vietnam
25 Turkey
26 Indonesia
27 Czech Republic
28 Estonia
29 Moldova (the Republic of)
30 Latvia
31 Romania
32 Taiwan (Province of China)
33 Austria
34 Italy
35 Bosnia and Herzegovina
36 Argentina
37 Iran
38 Ecuador
39 Spain
40 Armenia
41 Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
42 Philippines
43 Norway
44 Colombia
45 Morocco
46 United Arab Emirates
47 Mexico
48 Pakistan
49 Nepal
50 Switzerland
51 Nigeria
52 Bolivia, Plurinational State of
53 Georgia

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Joe Campolo Jr.

Joe Campolo, Jr. is an award winning author, poet and public speaker. A Vietnam War Veteran, Joe writes and speaks about the war and many other topics. See the "Author Page" of this website for more information on Joe. Guest writers on Joe's blogs will have a short bio with each article. Select blogs by category and enjoy the many other articles available here. Joe's popular books are available thru Amazon, this website, and many other on-line book stores.


  1. Joe, I recently read The Kansas NCO, and really enjoyed it. Very nostalgic for me. Didn’t think in my lifetime I would ever read a book that took place in Phu Cat. I was stationed there from May 1970/May 1971. I was part of the 412 MMS. One of the “lucky” s.o.b.’s, that got to hump the bombs in the ammo dump. Not the greatest year of my life, but I’m here to talk about it, so I can’t complain(not that anyone would listen anyway). Thanks so much for your work! I’ll watch your sight, and if you’re ever in Michigan for a signing or anything I’ll try to stop by, and say hello. Thanks again!! AMMO RULES!

  2. Great to hear from you Dennis! I was at the Cat Jan. 70 – Jan 71; I’m sure we crossed paths a few times. You ammo humpers had a tough job; well done!
    I’m very glad you enjoyed The Kansas NCO. Back to the World is the sequel to that; you might like that as well. Check out some of my other blogs; many of the stories center around Phu Cat.
    I was at a book signing in Michigan about four years ago; next time I’m over there I’ll give you a holler! ~Joe

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