Hi all. Thanks again for all the support and kind words regarding The Kansas NCO. I am working on that sequel and hope it will be just as well received as The Kansas NCO.
I’m also in the process of writing some short stories, mostly about my fishing adventures, or miss-adventures I should say. The Perch Fishing In Old Kenosha blog has been so popular, I’m putting several others together and will try to get them published in an outdoor journal or short story book form.
Hope we all have a good year; send a note anytime.

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Joe Campolo Jr.

Joe Campolo, Jr. is an award winning author, poet and public speaker. A Vietnam War Veteran, Joe writes and speaks about the war, and is a Veteran's advocate. Some of Joe's stories are gripping, some humorous. Joe also writes about other experiences, many of which are also humorous. Joe enjoys fishing, traveling, writing and spending time with his family. Joe loves to hear from his readers, please send him a note on this page or the contact page! (and order one of Joe's popular books from the link on his author page)

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