Month: April 2022

Portuguese Dave

      My friend Dave and I arrived at March Air Force Base in Southern California at about the same time, both having just returned from a one year-tour of duty in Vietnam. It was 1971, and the times they were a-crazy. Dave and I struck up a quick friendship; he called me Eyetie […]


    With covid and all, most of us have been included in many Zoom meetings by now. I have, and really appreciate the benefit of being able to attend a meeting in my underwear, while sipping beer from my coffee mug.   Being deaf as a rock, I struggle to hear the discussions, but […]

Guest Writer – Rhonda Underhill; How to Start a Veteran-Owned Business

  Today‚Äôs guest article is provided by Rhonda Underhill. Rhonda is a health care advocate for senior citizens and veterans.   After a health crisis involving her husband Pete, Rhonda and Pete dedicated themselves to healthy living through diet, exercise and awareness. Rhonda created a website dedicated to the health and well being of […]

On a Bright Spring Day..

    To that bright spring day, fresh and full of color, Please pass slowly…     To that warm summer day, a gentle breeze whispering by, Please stay with us…     Of that crisp autumn day, splashed in auburn and orange, Do remain…     And oh dark winter day, so cold, full […]