Category: Poetry

Guest Writer – Lucille Campolo; Bun Bun

    My nine year old Granddaughter, Lucy Campolo, is my latest guest writer. Lucy has written a poem about her lifelong companion, a stuffed lamb named Bun Bun.   Lucy recently recited her poem at a school presentation and did a fantastic job. Yes, Grandpa is very proud of his grandchildren, and super proud […]

On a Bright Spring Day..

    To that bright spring day, fresh and full of color, Please pass slowly…     To that warm summer day, a gentle breeze whispering by, Please stay with us…     Of that crisp autumn day, splashed in auburn and orange, Do remain…     And oh dark winter day, so cold, full […]

The Veteran’s Road

Kind of threw this one together for Veteran’s Day, 2019. I call it The Veteran’s Road.     We sleep in bits and pieces, and dream of days gone by. Our dreams are of our days at war, which always seem close by.   Our soul won’t let them go it seems, the dreams we […]

Sweet Bird of Youth by Joe Campolo Jr

  £  Oh sweet bird of youth, when did you slip away? When we were young, it was not clear that you might leave one day.   €  We had such times on your great wings those days indeed did fly. And now you’re gone we can’t recall just when you passed us by.   […]