Category: Poetry

On a Bright Spring Day..

    To that bright spring day, fresh and full of color, Please pass slowly…     To that warm summer day, a gentle breeze whispering by, Please stay with us…     Of that crisp autumn day, splashed in auburn and orange, Do remain…     And oh dark winter day, so cold, full […]

Guest Writer – Penni Evans; Frozen in Bronze

                                     An Angel in Blue   This week’s guest writer is Penni Evans. Penni began writing poetry and short essays at the age of fifteen. Encouraged by her grandmother, Amah, herself a writer, Penni dreamed of far-away places and world travel. After she earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science, Penni volunteered for duty […]

Sweet Bird of Youth by Joe Campolo Jr

  Oh sweet bird of youth, when did you slip away? When we were young, it was not clear that you might leave one day.   We had such times on your great wings those days indeed did fly. And now you’re gone we can’t recall just when you passed us by.   On those […]