Trieu Hai Hoang; Images from the Vietnam war


Trieu Hai Hoang is a Vietnamese artist who has focused his artwork on the Vietnam War. I first came into contact with Trieu several years ago when his father, Hoang Hai Thuy, a noted author and book translator took an interest in my book The Kansas NCO. Mr. Thuy was persecuted by the oppressive communist regime, jailed eight years in three different prisons and finally allowed to emigrate to the United States in 1994. Mr. Thuy lived out the rest of his life peacefully in Washington D.C., until his passing in 2020.



Trieu himself, born into war in 1961, was artistically inclined from an early age. His early artwork was inspired by comics, such as Batman, Superman and yes; artwork from Playboy magazine. After the communist takeover in 1975, the repressive regime censored most Western publications. From positive memories of American GI’s and their efforts in Vietnam, Trieu began creating images of the American military at war in Vietnam.


Although Trieu’s artwork created friction with the communist regime, he elected to stay in Vietnam, influencing his countrymen through his work. Trieu is married with one child; his wife being an educator before her recent retirement from the workforce. Trieu and his wife currently reside in Ho Chi Minh City. (Saigon)


I was honored when in 2018, Trieu created the artwork for my book On War, Fishing and Philosophy. Trieu has also contributed many of his paintings to my website page Artwork of the Vietnam War. (See link at the end of this article)



Trieu belongs to many U.S. military veteran Facebook groups, and shares his artwork with members of those groups. Trieu would like anyone interested in purchasing his art on canvas or paper, to please contact the person listed at the end of this article.



If you haven’t seen Trieu’s artwork before, I believe you will enjoy it. 🙂



Trieu’s work may be purchased through Mr. Chau Pham, via email,



Many of Trieu’s paintings may be seen on my website page:





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  1. I have been a follower of Trieu for awhile now on Facebook. I find his artwork fascinating to say the least. I never tire of his works. Thanks for recognizing his artwork as well. I will continue to follow you.

    Phu Bai 68/69

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