Guest Writer – Rhonda Underhill; Learning Beyond the Battlefield

    Today’s guest article is provided by Rhonda Underhill. Rhonda is a health care advocate for senior citizens, veterans and persons with disabilities. After a health crisis involving her husband Pete, Rhonda and Pete dedicated themselves to healthy living through diet, exercise and awareness. Rhonda created a website dedicated to the health and […]

Learning the Lingo

  Slang is a language that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands and goes to work. ~Carl Sandburg     From the earliest of times, military units have put together “invasion dictionaries” for the purpose of establishing communications with those they hoped to dominate. Way back when Caesar was stomping everyone into the […]

Guest Writer – Jeff Brill; Vietnam War in Film and Literature

                                Introduction   Jeff Brill, an experienced Outreach Copywriter at Regency Shop, harbors a deep and unique interest in the Vietnam War. Driven by a fascination with historical events and a desire to understand the complex narratives surrounding the conflict, Jeff often explores the media for new presentations. His passion for the […]


    After my military service ended in 1972, I made a brief visit home, then moved back to Southern California as I had enjoyed my time out there very much. I stayed out there for a few more years, moving back to Wisconsin only after a weak job market with few prospects left me […]

The Montagnards

During my tour of duty in Vietnam, I went out on a number of motor convoys delivering or picking up supplies of one kind or another. Our small convoys normally left the Phu Cat airbase and headed east to the Qui Nhon Army base, with a few stops in between. Qui Nhon was on the […]

Guest Writer – Lucille Campolo; Bun Bun

    My nine year old Granddaughter, Lucy Campolo, is my latest guest writer. Lucy has written a poem about her lifelong companion, a stuffed lamb named Bun Bun.   Lucy recently recited her poem at a school presentation and did a fantastic job. Yes, Grandpa is very proud of his grandchildren, and super proud […]

A Thanksgiving Surprise

    While chatting with my daughter JoAnn about Thanksgivings of days gone by, I recalled a Thanksgiving disaster I myself created many years ago. (What a surprise 🙂 )   I was still in high school, working part time at Graf’s Sausage Kitchen, a small deli and catering business on the south side of […]