F Troop and The Blackbird

                                   A Magnificent Aircraft   The SR-71, is indeed a marvel of modern technology. Although in fact…. not that modern. Known as “The Blackbird”, the SR-71 was first brought into service fifty-seven years ago.     A high-tech, high-performance reconnaissance aircraft, the titanium sheathed Blackbird could obtain speeds of 2,200 mph and fly […]

Guest Writer – Don Ranard; The Smell of it

  Donald A. Ranard’s writing has appeared in The Atlantic, New World Writing Quarterly, The Washington Post, Gargoyle, Litro, The Best Travel Writing, 100 Word Story, and elsewhere. His one-act play about a wounded war veteran, ELBOW. APPLE. CARPET. SADDLE. BUBBLE., placed second in Veteran Repertory’s 2021 playwriting competition and was recently performed at Vet […]

My Little Chickadee

    The patio attached to our condo has at least five bird houses. A few fancy ones, one I made with the help of my grandchildren, and an A frame bird house that’s been around the longest. And despite the availability of all the other fine dwellings, there’s a pitched battle for the A […]

Guest Writers – Lake-Link Pro’s; Father’s Day Stories

                                      Introduction   I’m a member of an outdoor website called Lake-Link. Lake-Link features reports, articles, forums and advertisement for outdoor activities throughout the Midwest, although the majority of the activity is in Wisconsin, where Lake-Link is headquartered.   It’s a nice site, easy to navigate, with most of the site features free to the […]

Guest Writer – Raul Herrera; Capturing Skunk Alpha

    Raul Herrera is a U.S. Navy Vietnam War veteran. Raul served time on Swift Boats and has written an intriguing book about his experience.  Raul has provided us some details about his book, which is available on Amazon and other on-line book sellers.                                           ***       CAPTURING SKUNK ALPHA ∼Raul Herrera […]

The Honor Flight

    Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world. A veteran does not have that problem. –Ronald Reagan         In January of 1971, I flew into Seattle, Washington after having served a one year tour of duty in Vietnam. It was […]

Viva Las Vegas!

      Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks. It says “Goodbye”. ∼Frank Sinatra         I have an acquaintance who recently visited Las Vegas. He had an enjoyable time there and made out all right. His trip got me thinking about the many times I traveled […]