Guest Writer – Tommy Nielsen; I love My Planet, Hope You Do To


Tommy with a beautiful walleye he caught on our trip to Canada

My guest writer today is my long time friend Tommy Nielsen. Besides being one of my fishing partners,Tommy is a great fellow to be around, always cheerful, helpful, and kind…with a great sense of humor. Tommy is a Veteran of the U.S. Merchant Marines, a proud member of Kenosha’s Navy Club Ship 40, The American Legion and the Danish Brotherhood.


Tommy makes great home made wine, (which he refers to as Lunker Juice) grows huge vegetables, strums the guitar and writes his own lyrics on occasion. Tommy has shared the lyrics for a song he is currently working on, hope you enjoy it.



                    I love My Planet, Hope You Do To



Canadian sunset, Joe, Billy, Tommy and Bob

~What is going on here,

Don’t seem like nobody care.

~Look at all that’s done,

With all that’s meant to be shared.

~We put up fences, and bolt our doors,

All to protect what’s ours.


~Do we ever wonder what is to become,

Will everything still be here, After we are gone?

~All we have is good old mother earth,

Let’s think of her first.


~There are people everywhere,

Who don’t seem to care,

~Let’s show them that we do,

So they will care to.

~Every country needs to know,

How proudly we can go,













~Every country needs a Greta

To lead the way,

~Every country needs hope,

To save the day.



~The hurricanes are storming,

The tornadoes raging.

~We’re living in boxes,

That are blowing away.

~Be a good neighbor,

And you will have one to.

~Life is short,

Don’t just worry about you


~Seeing litter everywhere,

Wondering who put it there.

~Someone who doesn’t care,

We all must live out there.


~My family matters,

And so does yours.

~This could be a sad song,

But I refuse to be in misery.

~Come, let’s all smile,

Show some positivity.


~Treat everyone right,

Respect all property.

~Say hello, don’t look away,

We’re all here to stay.




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