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I have received many kind letters, notes, and emails regarding “The Kansas NCO”. This is one that is very special to me.


Dear Joe

I’m writing to tell you I very much liked your book The Kansas NCO. Right off the bat I got into the flow of it. I appreciate your racial inclusiveness. Really liked the Wisconsin native being a main character.


I kept trying to decide who you were in the book. I remember one had hearing loss and you have hearing aids. Being of Italian ancestry I picked Cru or Monty.


You had to be one who survived; thank you for surviving and thank you for telling this story. And thank you for your service.


I chose the great horned owl to send this message. I hear and see them around here frequently. One evening a great horned owl sat on a post and stared at my horse….who stared back. It was big…and it was beautiful.


Thanks again Joe.


Maureen O




Sadly Maureen has since passed, but I recall our first meeting and our later discussions. She was a kind, sensitive soul and I am grateful to have had her as a friend.


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