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Jimmy Fox, a U.S. Army Vietnam War Veteran and I became acquainted at a Veteran’s event some years ago, and I am proud to count him among my friends. Jimmy has penned several writings on the war. He appeared earlier as a guest writer on my blog, featuring his excellent essay No Peace.

 How Many, is another good one, please enjoy it.





                                    How Many

                                       By Jimmy Fox


How many songs will never be written,

How many stories remain untold?


How many Heroes will be forgotten

as the Vietnam Vet grows old?


How many kids never knew Daddy,

How many wives wept for years?


How many Mothers cried for their children,

How many rivers of tears?


How many Fathers sent their love to their sons,

How many sons sent them back?


How many nightmares, and how many bottles,

How many lives lost in vain?


More than 58,000 names in Black Granite,

How many more in plain stone?


It’s time to reach out to your Brother, and pull him in near,

Let him know he’s not alone, and need not fear.


And no matter what happened so very long ago,

He can still trust his brothers, this he must know.


…‘cause the world didn’t change that much in a year,

God knows as we do, it was us, the ones still here.


Jimmy Fox 7-29-06

1st Air Cav ’67-’68 RVN







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