Photos of Nature

Joe enjoys many outdoor activities. These are some of the photos he has taken. New photos will be added from time to time, so visit often 🙂

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Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. –Anton Chekov





Lake Michigan, mid-March 2024






Kenosha harbor, early March 2024






Petrifying Springs, late Feb 2024






Lake Michigan Feb, 2024






I’m all ears! Marquette County, Wisconsin, summer 2023







Kenosha Lighthouse, Lake Michigan, Jan 2024






Lake Michigan, Jan 2024







1st snow of 2024







Lake Michigan, late Dec, 2023







Pikes Creek, SE Wisconsin, mid Dec 2023







Lake Puckaway, Wisconsin, early winter







Late November sky, Southeast Wisconsin







1st snow, 2023







Autumn in Marquette County Wisconsin







When I look at a lighthouse, I see my past and my future. It whispers to me, and I listen. – Scarlett Miles






Kenosha Harbor, Oct 1, 2023







Waterspout over Lake Michigan in SE Wisconsin, Sept 2023. Photo courtesy of Brent Hess and his coworker.







Kenosha harbor, mid-Sept, 2023







Road to Tuttle Lake, Marquette Cty, Wisconsin







Germania Marsh, Wisconsin, early September 2023







Hummers in the patio, late August 2023






Blue heron, Pike’s Creek, Kenosha, WI, late August 2023








Morning sky over Kenosha, August 2023






Lake Michigan, August 2023






Mecan River as it flows south, Marquette Cty Wisconsin






Quickly passing storm, Marquette Cty, Aug 2023






Barn with flowers, Marquette Cty, 2023






Glacier National Park, from a trip Ann and I took several years ago






Paradise Pines, July 2023






Sandhill cranes, White River Marsh Wisconsin, July 2023







John Muir Wildlife area, Wisconsin July 2023






White River Marsh, July 2023













Butterfly in June







Mid June 2023







Morning Kenosha sky, June 2023






Our harbor, late spring






Field of Dreams






Brisk spring day on Lake Michigan








Spring has arrived in the Germania Marsh







The Pike River, late winter as it flows through Southeast Wisconsin. Photo by JoAnn Campolo






The Pike river, mid-winter






“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug with a white quilt; and perhaps it says ‘Go to sleep darlings, till the summer comes again.'” ~Lewis Carrol






Kenosha Light House








Bright sky on a cold winter day







Lake Michigan on an overcast winter day







Kenosha beach, Lake Michigan, on a brisk winter day







Kenosha lighthouse on a cold winter day







Autumn gives way to winter..








An old fishing trailer along the Fox River in Central Wisconsin. The stories it could tell.








The Pike river, as it travels through S.E. Wisconsin in autumn







Photo taken near Cedarburg, Wisconsin by Bill Campolo






Lake Michigan on a brisk autumn day







Kenosha, Wisconsin lighthouse in autumn









Fall in S.E. Wisconsin









As autumn deepens in S.E. Wisconsin








Fall arrives in Southeast Wisconsin










Early autumn, Lake Michigan








Red sky at night..







Geese forming up under a gray sky, early autumn 2022







Silver Lake, Wisconsin on a foggy morning









Silver Lake, Wisconsin, September morning







Sunset, Marquette County, Wisconsin 2022








Another sunset at the Germania Marsh, 2022







Germania Marsh, late summer 2022









Evening comes








Sunrise from our patio, Aug 2022






Mama duck and family






Mid August sunrise, SE Wisconson






Patio inside, looking out, mid-Aug 2022









Patio outside looking in, mid-August bloom








Wisconsin River, as it flows through the Wisconsin Dells






Wisconsin River, flowing through the Wisconsin Dells area






Wisconsin River as it flows near the Wisconsin Dells









Another view of the Pike River in Southeast Wisconsin







Sunset near Lake Puckaway, Wisconsin, July 2022






The Pike River in Southeast Wisconsin







Sandhill crane family, Central Wisconsin






Germania Marsh Wisconsin, mid-summer 2022








Southeastern Wisconsin in mid-summer bloom







Mid summer beauty






Amber waves of grain






June morning in Kenosha







Tuttle Lake, Wisconsin, June 2022







Lake Michigan, early morning, June 2022








A brook which passes behind our trailer in Central Wisconsin







Germania Marsh, Wisconsin early summer






From an early morning fishing trip on Lake Michigan








Late spring, 2022








The Golden Temple, Kyoto, Japan, from a business trip in 1990







Germania Marsh, Wisconsin, Spring 2022








Plum Lake, after a thunderstorm



Plum Lake, Wisconsin, Spring 2022










I love old trees. I pass this one often on my bike rides in Kenosha. It is home to many critters.










Though a spring photo, cardinals stay with us year round









Kenosha lighthouse, Spring 2022, photo by JoAnn Campolo









Late summer, Germania Marsh, Wisconsin










Arches National Park, Utah, from a trip some years ago










Springtime at Lake Michigan, photo by JoAnn Campolo











Springtime Scilla, bloom, Kemper Ctr, Kenosha, Wi












Near our happy place in Central Wisconsin









North Spirit Lake, Northwest Ontario










Gulls in flight; Lake Michigan









Storm over Lake Puckaway, Wisconsin

















Marquette County Wisconsin on a foggy morning











Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin












Convoy duty, Binh Dinh Province, South Vietnam, 1970. Rice paddies.














Our busy friends

















Lake Michigan in winter by JoAnn Campolo














Pikes Peak, McGregor, Iowa















The Grand Tetons, from a trip Ann and I took, several years back


















Birch tree honor guard, near our trailer in Central Wisconsin























An Amish farmer plowing near Dalton, Wisconsin, while his dog keeps watch. (He granted permission to photo)

















Lake Michigan pounding the shore line

















Near our trailer in Central Wisconsin

















Germania Marsh, Wisconsin
















Near our trailer

















Our “long long trailer” we once owned

















A trip to Yellowstone that Ann and I took some years back


















Glacier National Park, from a trip Ann and I took several years ago



















Our happy place in Central Wisconsin

















Lake Michigan Lighthouse, Kenosha, Wisconsin
















Lake Michigan, Kenosha
















Just behind our condo, Kenosha, Wisconsin
















Early morning by our condo
















Lake Michigan in winter
















Lake Michigan on a pretty day

















A very old trailer along the Fox River in Central Wisconsin. The stories linger with it.
















Near our old mobile home by Lake Puckaway
















From a fishing trip on North Spirit Lake, Northwest Ontario
















Lake Puckaway

















Lake Michigan on an angry day

















Lake Michigan on a pretty day

















Busy bee

















One thousand year old oak tree, Rockport, Texas













Turkey buzzards, Rockport, Texas













Gull under a stormy sky, Rockport, Texas













Spring burning scrub off farmland, near Rockport, Texas













Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin
















Over Kenosha, heading south..
















Autumn near our trailer

Observatory Hill, Marquette County, Wisconsin

Mt St. Helens Lava path. A trip with Ann to see our friends in Washington state a few years ago

Hummingbird filling up at our condo in Kenosha

Evening sky by our trailer