Guest Writer – Dave Wagenblatt; The Augmentee

                                           Introduction                                              Joe Campolo Jr    By 1967 there were ten United States Air Force bases in South Vietnam. The bases were developed rapidly, constructed by the USAF Red Horse division, with assistance from several other interservice units. The bases were originally protected by Army and Marine units dedicated to that function. However, […]

Guest Writer – Tom Keating; Christmas 1969

                                    Introduction   Today’s article is written by Tom Keating. Tom is a fellow Vietnam War veteran and author. Tom writes stories based on his experiences while serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam in 1969.   Holidays were a special time for GI’s in Vietnam, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas. The military hierarchy made […]

The Vaccine

  As Covid-19 menaces our society, the promise of a vaccine provides a measure of hope. And with that vaccine comes more controversy. Some people are questioning whether the vaccine will be effective, some are questioning who should get vaccinated first, and yet others are questioning whether they should get vaccinated at all.   Here […]