The Kansas NCO

perf6.000x9.000.indd“The Kansas NCO” is an award winning novel which takes place during the later years of the Vietnam War.  The book deals with a small Air Force unit caught up in the activities of a shrewd and unscrupulous group of senior noncommissioned officers who control the black market in the deadly central highlands of South Vietnam.
The men in the small unit find themselves out in the bush, surrounded by  Viet Cong and hostile members of the illicit black market operation; all attempting to kill them.
The men’s journey takes them outside the razor wire perimeter of their large airbase and into the dangerous roads and jungles of the Central Highlands, on their way to Cambodia supposedly to deliver needed materials to the war effort supporting the invasion, which President Nixon has ordered.  As the men’s journey progress, some are killed, some are wounded, and all are transformed.
The perpetrators of the black market operation have bigger profits in mind, than their usual activities of money exchange, porn shows, and base exchange scams.  The stakes are raised for all parties involved, as the need to cloak this new activity results in the death of many along the way.
As their journey progresses the men struggle to just stay alive. Some of the men are able to reach down, find the inner strength they possess, and survive.  Others are not so lucky.

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Back To The World is the sequel to The Kansas NCO.