perf6.000x9.000.inddThe Kansas NCO

The Kansas NCO is an intriguing story about a black market operation during the Vietnam War. Rogue members of the operation set-up a large heroin purchase, and for expediency target those carrying out the operation for death. The Kansas NCO is a tale of greed, betrayal and redemption. The book has received an award for historical fiction from the Author Zone.

In addition to Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, The Kansas NCO is offered in dozens of on-line book stores in paperback or Kindle, and is also available in over seventy nations worldwide. Be sure to pick up a copy of the sequel, Back To The World!

What people are saying about The Kansas NCO:
Although this book is fiction much of it is based on fact and personal experience. The author (Joe) was able to capture the several faces of the GI in Vietnam. He conveys how easy it was to go from mundane, boring days to life threatening situations in the blink of an eye. He shows the frustration, confusion and terror each GI felt at one time or another during his tour. ~ Gary Labanow, USAF Vietnam War Veteran and retired airline pilot

The Kansas NCO is a top-notch war story that gains momentum as it goes along. Totally absorbing, with a great stinger at the end, this book will keep a reader turning the pages to its conclusion. Lots of action, as one expects, but it also speaks volumes about war and its effects on those placed in the middle of it. Highly recommended. ~Michael Schumacher, author of Mighty Fitz, Wreck of the Carl D., and November’s Fury

The Kansas NCO is an easy read and hard to put down. Anyone who had boots on the ground in Vietnam would enjoy the believable characters, plot, and will easily relate to this story. The terms, phrases and descriptions of the climate, terrain, wildlife and the enemy strike vivid memories of those times. ~Ed Heyward, U.S. Marine Vietnam War veteran