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The Return….

Introduction by JoAnn Forrester Vietnam! Vietnam, the war of the Baby Boomer generation has left a multitude of raw scars on our national conscience.  A war, where 9.2 million American men and women served through-out the world during an eleven year period (Jan. 1, 1965 – March 28, 1973),  as warriors and peace keepers.   Of […]

The Orphans

We were castoffs and slaves, orphans and unwanteds and used-to-be princesses…and we were mighty. ~Lesley Livingston, The Valiant     One of the many unfortunate by-products of war are orphans. The orphanages near our base at Phu Cat, Vietnam were visited by the base chaplains who brought sustenance in the way of food, clothing, and […]

The character Nguyen Than Hoa

Many people have asked about the characters of my books, The Kansas NCO and Back To The World, especially during speaking engagements. All of the characters in the books are based upon real people, and exhibit characteristics from those people. Some are based more on fiction than on fact, others more on fact than fiction. […]

Letter from a reader

I have received many kind letters, notes, and emails regarding “The Kansas NCO”. This is one that is very special to me. Dear Joe I’m writing to tell you I very much liked your book The Kansas NCO. Right off the bat I got into the flow of it. I appreciate your racial inclusiveness. Really […]