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Guest Writer – Tom Keating; Christmas 1969

                                    Introduction   Today’s article is written by Tom Keating. Tom is a fellow Vietnam War veteran and author. Tom writes stories based on his experiences while serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam in 1969.   Holidays were a special time for GI’s in Vietnam, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas. The military hierarchy made […]

Johnny’s Saloon

  From December of 1968 to December of 1969 I was stationed at Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota. The sprawling airbase was about fifteen miles from the town of Grand Forks and was primarily a SAC (Strategic Air Command) base, containing a full complement of B-52 Bombers. Grand Forks was also home […]

The character Arnold Redmond, (Red)

  Most of the characters in my books are based upon real people, and the character known as Arnold Redmond, (Red) is no exception.  Red’s inspiration was Jim Northrup, a Native American of the Ojibwa tribe. Jim was also a United States Marine Corps Vietnam War veteran, a fellow author, speaker and poet. Sadly, Jim […]

Guest writer – Stephen Ordway; More Ramblings from an Old Sheepdog

                                 Introduction   Today’s article is written by Stephen Ordway. Stephen is a fellow Vietnam War Veteran and a former Green Beret. This is the second article Stephan has provided for our blog. In this article Steve reflects on a life of struggles and triumphs. Please enjoy “the ramblings of and old sheepdog”.   […]

Those Lovable “Lifers”

Those Men and Women who dedicate their life to our nation’s service.   In each branch of the military, those individuals known as lifers are what I consider to be the straw that “makes it all happen”. The group of commissioned and non-commissioned officers who choose to make the military a career, are the ones […]

Panel 14W Line 93

  Each Memorial Day brings memories of my friend Bill Follon. Bill and I were stationed together at Phu Cat airbase during the Vietnam War. Bill was assigned to the Red Horse squadron, an Air Force unit comparable to the Navy Seabees. I worked with Bill for a about a week on one detail. (Reference […]