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Mao & Me

                                  Friction in Hong Kong   With much interest, I have been following the riots and protests currently ravaging Hong Kong. Ever since the transition from British oversite to Communist Chinese control in 1997, one could sense the on- going tension between Hong Kong, long a bastion of capitalism and the free market, and […]

The Veteran’s Road

Kind of threw this one together for Veteran’s Day, 2019. I call it The Veteran’s Road.     I sleep in bits and pieces, and dream of days gone by. My dreams are of my days at war, which always seem close by.   My soul won’t let them go it seems, the dreams I […]

Guest Writer – George Dooley; B-17 Graveyard

                               Introduction   In June of this year, along with my friend George Dooley, I attended an air show in Port Angeles, Washington. My wife Ann and I had spent two weeks in the Pacific Northwest, taking in many fantastic sites while visiting George and his wife, Diane. (Reference earlier blog article Amtrak Empire Builder, […]

Guest writer – Tom Keating; A Convoy for an Elephant

                                       Introduction Tom Keating, a writer, served in the United States Army, Long Binh in the Republic of Vietnam, from 1969 to 1970.  He served with the 47th Military History Detachment, attached to the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Logistical Command, and Headquarters Company, US Army Vietnam, (USARV) also in Long Binh. Twice awarded […]

Guest Writer – Penni Evans; Frozen in Bronze

                                     An Angel in Blue   This week’s guest writer is Penni Evans. Penni began writing poetry and short essays at the age of fifteen. Encouraged by her grandmother, Amah, herself a writer, Penni dreamed of far-away places and world travel. After she earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science, Penni volunteered for duty […]

Guest writer – Cat Thao Nguyen: We Are Here

                                            Introduction Cat Thao Nguyen is a Vietnamese author, currently living in Australia. Cat has written about her family’s harrowing journey from Vietnam to Australia in 1979, fleeing persecution from the communist regime. Her book We Are Here (Allen & Unwin) can be purchased on-line. The story originally was published in “The Australian”, Feb. 21, […]

Weapons of the Vietnam War

    Some of the more memorable weapons of the Vietnam War     The Vietnam War (the American War in Vietnam) ran on for many years. Primarily a guerilla type war, weapons of many kinds were employed by all belligerent parties during the long struggle in Southeast Asia. Though not intended to be all […]